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The Arrow of Sorrow

You began from the start
piercing needles in my heart
if not an arrow of a knight
who greedily desires to fight.

Dove into thick sorrow
I crowned like that arrow.
My heart to pulse stop
now parched vein with no drop

Heaven, with an affectionate mouth,
said poor thirsty man,
partake the adequate amount
of joy with no ban.

Abderrazak baddou
Withdrawal of poignancy

Sorry... my heart
Oh my heart
I know that every part of you
Beats in pain

I know you fear a drop
A drop of blood to pass through you
A drop of poignancy
You fear a hurt of a word
A hurt of a stab nocturnally
Or in the beam

Yet, my heart I love her
Forgive me, my heart, I love her
Forgive her she doesn't know
She feels not what makes at you
She undoubtedly loves you
She loves you differently
She scripted not her feelings down yet

So, my heart, forgive her
Forgive me when I loved her at once
At once you bowed, my heart

She is awaiting, my heart
She is there alive
Be patient my heart
No matter much time
How many minutes
Years and decades you wait

A day might come where she
Will be able, a day she confesses
A day the blood drops won't hurt
A day where u will be crowned
The king of Ecstasy Empire
Imprisoned the poignancy
She is now the queen
You are the dewdrop on her petals

Abderrazak Baddou


I went to the sea to fish
one fish was found but strong
no one to help me to catch it

I got harassed and tortured
the sea was huge; the tides were
yes...they came into my poor boat
but I still followed the fish

was it a shark? who knows
suddenlly, it turned into a girl
beautiful, attractive and sweet
my face reddened and I was shaking

neither I caught the fish,
nor I talked to the girl
"rrrazak" echos came to my ears

it was my mother
time to go to school

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