A review of Coldplay's Paradise

from the clip
from the clip
"Paradise" is a song by Coldplay, a British alternative rock band. "Paradise" is a single from their fifth the album Mylo Xyloto that was released on October 2011. The song was released three months later in September. It quickly got a worldwide popularity.
The song quickly got positive reception from most music critics. Rolling Stone,Billboard.com and others praised the song and thought it’s in the “right direction”. “Paradise” has got a great number of ‘likes’ and views on youtube, and it is still increasing.
A naive understanding of the song lyrics would say that the song is about a girl who, as a little child, who expected an excellent and easy-to-get life. The two lines of the song express that: “When she was just a girl, she expected the world”. However, as she grew up she couldn’t get all that she wanted. She only could dream of it: “But it flew away from her reach so, she ran away in her sleep, and dreamed of Para-para-paradise”.
Life was harsh to her that “the bullets catch in her teeth”. It is a way of saying that problems come to the surface like a storm in the night. Stormy night has been in literature a tautology that refers to suffering, torment and anguish. Her “life goes on” but “it gets so heavy” at times.
But I think her dreaming of “paradise” still carries her hopes for a better situation in the future. As the song goes on we feel that NOW she “dreams” –putting the verb in the present tense— of “paradise”. Paradise here may not refer to a heavenly Paradise. I believe, it’s just a kind of relief one feels after a gloomy period of time.
The girl then hopes for a vivid and colorful future. We understand that from the lines: She'd say, "oh, ohohohoh I know the sun must set to rise.” It is a way of saying that “there is sun after the storm”.
This relief is well confirmed in the video clip of the song. It is about a man dressed as an elephant escapes from a zoo. The “elephant” finally gets free after being able to leave the guards behind and catch a plane to fly away to “paradise”. This is very symbolic in the sense that what the song communicates isn’t only about a girl. It’s more than that. It is more universal—a search for liberation and release.
The songs ends with a happy ending which is conspicuous in the joyful tone of the singer as well as of the words:
Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh
This could be
By Abderrazak Baddou

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